The Tomorrow People: A Rift in Time

The Goodies: Invasion of the Moon Creatures

(White Jaguar TV) Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense/Fox Mystery Theater: Black Carrion

(White Jaguar TV) The Adventurer: Icons are Forever

(White Jaguar TV) Jason King: Toki

(White Jaguar TV) Department S: Who Plays the Dummy?

(White Jaguar TV) The Saint: The Queen's Ransom

(White Jaguar TV) Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased): It's Supposed to be Thicker than Water

(White Jaguar TV) The Champions: The Final Countdown

(White Jaguar TV) The Baron: Time to Kill

(White Jaguar TV) The Baron: Something for a Rainy Day

The Professionals: Long Shot

The Avengers: Look - (Stop Me if You've Heard This One) but There Were These Two Fellers...

1930s TV: The Crooked Circle

L for Lester: Episode 1

Dick Barton: The Case of the Vanishing House

OTT (Over the Top) episode 8

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Dr Who: Fury from the Deep Part 1

Dial M for Murder: The Contract

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