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The X-Files: The Erlenmeyer Flask

Apologies for my hiatus in posting: life has been rather busy and very stressful! I have restarted a watch - through of The X-Files, and where better to post than on one of the great X-Files mythology episodes. Before I write one of these posts I usually look round online to get a feel of what everyone else is saying about it, mainly because I like to say something different. That exercise of looking around can often be quite informative, and in this case an awful lot of what is on the Internet is purely descriptive. And appreciative, because I don't want to imply that this episode is rubbish when I start criticising it... ...which will start now. The reason the commentary on this episode is descriptive is because you need a commentary to keep up on everything happening. It's a bit difficult to think of parts of the X-Files mythology which don't get a mention, but I suspect Samantha escapes without being brought into this. Otherwise it's a riot of aliens, conspiraci