The Goes Wrong Show: The Lodge

I am just starting a week's leave and have a heap of things to watch and also hopefully the space in my brain to blog about some of them. This show is the most recent one I have ever written about, being broadcast in 2019. Don't fear, it is definitely up to our standards. 
The team who star in this show have done a whole string of good things over the past years, beginning with The Play That Goes Wrong. The premise is that we are at a production by the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society... Which always goes wrong. This episode is a horror, produced to make up for their underwhelming productions of The Texas Chain Saw Massager and Nightwear on Elm Street. This is a play in a haunted house isolated by snow - the setting for many a horror. 
And how it goes wrong. A recurring wrong is that the pregnant wife's baby is evidently a balloon, which bursts. The set doesn't quite work right. They have had to put in extra adjectives because the play ran short. My favourite is the bat flying around which goes wrong. The point is that these are professional actors playing this completely straight which must be incredibly difficult. They also manage to do this without it turning into slapstick and it isn't wearing - playing it straight is what does this.
Suffice to say that there is no valid criticism of this show, although I think one of the actors may have missed a prompt at one point. 
The show is available on region 2 DVD, youtube and Amazon Prime. If you want more examples of the team's humour you can see them below.


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