Coming Next: This Blog is Moving!

This post is a brief summary of what is coming next on this blog.

First and perhaps most important, is that I have decided to move the blog from Blogger to another blogging platform (the mirror on Substack will be staying where it is). The reason is increasing frustration with Blogger: it's slow in comparison to Substack and has an increasing tendency to put my innocuous posts behind adult content warning for no reason apparent to me, and with no possibility of appeal.

I have finally fixed on a long-established blogging platform called Overblog to move to: it's easy to use and doesn't even have an app. But the main reason I chose Overblog, and you may want to call me superficial, is that my heart was stolen by the idea of being greeted by the words 'quel plaisir de vous revoir!'. Why did I stay with Blogger ranting at me for so long???

So from here on the blogspot version of this blog will not be added to and future posts will be here

You can comment there using name and email without having to sign up.

Posts will continue to be cross posted here

If you want to subscribe by email you can do so there and can comment after signing up.

Television-wise, I think that what will be coming next is probably going to be some Seventies TV. Certainly I have Terry Preston's Out out on the dining table again: it's proper quality television and I think needs the attention which blogging about it would give it. If you haven't seen it, you would like it if you like shows like The Professionals, The Sweeney, and so on. It depicts the same world, but with a whole layer of sophistication which is like a breath of fresh air.

Otherwise I have discovered a rich seam of seventies TV programmes down the back of the internet, and I'm very pleased to find that even I've never heard of some of them, and there are a good number which draw my interest and are definitely not rubbish. I am thinking of doing a series of posts, one post per show, focusing on one episode, like I did with a number of eighties TV shows. There is a certain irony going on here: since I stopped working I haven't had the money to buy TV series so have mostly been reliant on various pirate internet sources, and have mostly been downloading things because of their habit of vanishing off the internet again. I think the situation of cult TV on the internet will be improved by the collapse of Network DVD so that there is nobody to enforce their copyright. There is an irony in that my 1TB hard drive is now full, as is a back up external drive, and I have therefore been forced to invest in some blank DVDs to save these things on. We're going backwards for Christmas.

Did I happen to mention that by prioritising competition, capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction because you can actively CHOOSE not to put money in the pocket of one of the three businesses that run the planet?

Speaking of alternative economy I have been watching the 1987-88 ABC Max Headroom series, paying more attention to it than I have in the past, and really appreciating it. I am particularly struck by the way there are people who are 'non-people', or blanks, in the jargon of the show, who have deleted their history and don't exist officially. They don't even have surnames as such. In a world where it is illegal to have an off switch it's an act of rebellion to do so. It's possible that my grasshopper mind will have gone off the subject before I get to it but I would like to go through the series.

Not immediately, but I want to go through The Prisoner again, following the assumption that Number 6 is a plant. I last went through the whole series ending in February 2023 so would want to start this in the new year at the earliest.