Orphaned Episodes: Ride Ride (Tales of Unease)

The introduction to this series of posts can be found here.

Another episode from Tales of Unease. This one is in a few places online. I'm afraid I can't remember which so can't link the right one, but in one copy the sound drops out for much of the show, but if you start watching that one don't despair - try one of the others because they're not all the same and the whole show with complete audio is out there.

The above link is quite critical of this show because of the absence of explanation in the plot and unsatisfying conclusion. My own reading would be that I think the unease it leaves you with is largely the point. I also would think it's deliberately not explained fully and leave space for the viewer to think about it.

In retrospect one of the reasons to watch this show is for its utterly sixties atmosphere (it was shown in 1970). Art students are perhaps one of the more countercultural avocations of the time and quite a bit of the show is devoted to that milieu. Another feature would be the completely sixties wardrobe. This show is inhabited by the spirit of Patsy Stone.

There is, however, a more supernatural element to this show which is utterly gripping, mystifying and finally, horrifying. The writer uses a very clever plot device to wrongfoot the viewer completely. I'm not going to give it away on this occasion because I want you to experience it from the show, not me.

This show is in several places online and is in fairly poor shape but watchable.

Highly recommended.

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