(White Jaguar TV): Saturday Night Live

And even more appearances of the crashing Jaguar footage! Both of these are from the US show Saturday Night Live, which I don't know very well (and since I see it's now on its 47th season I doubt I'll ever have the time or energy to catch up) although I have seen sketches from it and enjoyed them very much.

The first occurrence (which I can't believe I have only just learned about because a cat driving a car is exactly my sort of thing) is in the recurring sketch Toonces the Driving Cat. Specifically as I am writing this I am watching the one called Toonces without a Cause (it's on YouTube and the icon for it is actually the Jaguar going over the cliff).

Can I just say how much I love the idea of a real grey tabby cat doing non-cat-appropriate things through the agency of a very obvious puppet? I particularly like the scene where he has greaser hair. The Jaguar footage is repeatedly used for the point at which the cat inevitably crashes the car.

In fact I can't think how I didn't know about it till now.

The second is in a sketch (the information online is rather contradictory online but I have also read that it was used as an ad for the show) about a man hitchhiking. He is shown waiting on a verge, looking very fed up until a woman driving a white Jaguar picks him up. It is only after he gets in that he notices she is wearing only her underwear. As she drives one thing leads to another and they start getting very cozy. This is what distracts her and makes the car crash over the cliff. The scene ends with a warning about the danger of hitchhiking.

Both of these are great and entertaining uses of the white Jaguar footage.

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  1. The hitchhiker sketch actually came first, in 1981. Toonces’ first appearance was in the Season 14 finale in 1989. I have no idea how SNL got their hands on the footage, but I’m glad they did, because I would have never discovered these classic ITC shows without it.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Actually as soon as I read your comment I knew I should have worked that out by the clothes!


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