Some Grown Ups' and Some Children's Programmes, and my Christmas Present to Myself

I have been trying to find a suitable TV Christmas present for myself and as a result have hit the wall I do on and off, when it feels as if the supply of classic TV which I will actually like,has dried up. Of course the key problem here is actually my picky taste in TV shows. So of course I have been watching stuff relevant to this blog, and will use this post to talk about a few things which I won't be writing a whole blog post about.
The sixties are the setting for a lot of the TV I watch, and were also the setting for the sexual revolution. Not TV, but a classic film of the time is Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, in which Barry Evans's character tries, and eventually manages, to lose his virginity. Teen sexual angst aside, the film is so redolent of the sixties that it is a classic. Evans also stars as a randy taxi driver in Adventures of a Taxi Driver, available in a boxed set with other Adventures... films, if you like that sort of thing (I do).
Personally I didn't take to Mind Your Language, so Evans started off at a disadvantage in my mind. I didn't realise that he was one of those actors who get typecast, and ironically he ended up working as a taxi driver at the time of his suspicious and never-explained death.
I have been watching Man of the World, and it just isn't clicking with me (remember if a show appears here I don't think it's a complete did at least). Nor do the rest of the ITC stable provide any likely candidates for my Christmas present. None of them really endears themselves to me, apart from the ones I have already written about here.
Nigel Kneale. Now there's a name to make the classic TV world stand to attention. I am tempted by the disc which is out of his 1980s follow up to Quatermass. My next pet will be called Quatermass. I have been dipping into Beasts (whisper it - there are episodes on YouTube), but criticising Kneale is like saying Shakespeare wasn't on top form that day. He was of course also responsible for The Year of the Sex Olympics, which I intend to blog about one day - just again with trepidation because it's another of the greats.
Nor do I have that much luck with old children's TV. Bizarrely, considering I had a seventies childhood myself and have grown up to have an appetite for any amount of weird shit, I tend to be put off by the magical content of children's TV of this time. I have been dipping into Sky, although I'm ashamed to say I have been letting it wash over me. Similarly I have been dipping into Ace of Wands again and honestly can't think why it doesn't click with me. I get on better with adventurous children's TV of the time, and have watched The Doombolt Chase with much enjoyment.
I have also had some difficulty finding new things online. I am delighted to announce that I no longer have an Amazon account, so only use them to see the recommendations based on visitor views. Sorry, Network DVD but I liked the facility you used to have on your website to see things in order of release, so that I could see what was new or coming out.
I have therefore bitten the bullet and used one of these websites which sell unofficial copies of TV shows. I have ordered series 1 of Freewheelers for much less than it is sold for on Amazon. If the firm comes up with the goods you will see them plugged here. This show may not turn out to be my actual Christmas present as they have other things I'm interested in, and another site has the series Target, which I've wanted to watch for ever.
What is for Christmas is the book I've ordered today (admittedly she is an acquired taste) - Nancy Spain's Cinderella Goes to the Morgue...