Another Avengers Being Released - Too Many Targets

Whenever I think the Avengers well has run dry another story comes out. My only sorrow is that this is another'non-canonical' one, but am still delighted that Big Finish have made an audio adventure of the novel called Too Many Targets.
Two agents are dead, and their murderers sound worryingly familiar. A killer gorilla is on the loose, a deadly disease is ravaging a distant country and an eminent doctor has been kidnapped. It's all pretty much business as usual.
But when John Steed is called in by his old boss and given an appalling task to complete, at the same time as Tara is given one that's even worse, it becomes clear that the myriad threads of a terrifying scheme are drawing together. The fate of the world hangs in the balance.
Steed won't be able to handle this case alone.
The Avengers are needed. All of them. Source, where you can buy the adventure.
It is based on a 1990s novel (which you can buy here), which I have read and remember liking for its authentic Avengers feel. In fact the only criticism I think people might have is  the obvious one of all the Avengers being present at once! So I think the fans will either love it or hate it. It is one of the more recent novels. I have read some but not all of the earlier ones and remember them fondly and you can read about them here. Of course since then the internet has provided a platform to anyone who wants to write an Avengers-themed piece. Some are very good. Regular readers will not be surprised to know that I'm not taken with attempts to get Steed off with Mrs Peel. I am very much looking forward to listening to Too Many Targets, though.