Why I've Been Quiet and What I've Been Watching

I'm hoping that this post (which will be less verbose than most of mine for reasons which will become apparent) will explain both of those things. For some time I have been troubled by exhaustion, as well as stiffness and swelling in my hands, both of which explain reduced posting here. I put it down to a heavy workload and probably a bit of RSI but I have now been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. I am off sick from work at the moment and full of steroids, but fortunately I can now see the bones in my right wrist for the first time in ages.
I have not ceased to watch cult TV although I have predominantly been watching a lot of old films. I have posted about Old Mother Riley here before, but I'm not sure if I have posted about the Thin Man films, about Will Hay or about Arthur Askey. I feel I was probably born too late. I have a boxed set of James Bond films I intend to watch through at some point. I also like a nice murder and have watched the Agatha Christie films I have - while I don't take to Poirot I do have several versions of And Then There Were None and various Marple films played by various actresses, although I do like Margaret Rutherford myself.
TV-wise I started a blog post about The Return of The Saint, which I have very much enjoyed watching. I'm using this enforced rest to go through my collection and watch things I haven't seen for ages to decide if they should have a permanent home. While I have a line of Dr Who DVDS I find I rarely watch them so I am going through them with a view to a selective cull. My taste is strange in that I prefer the ones set on earth.
Old TV can of course be a great comfort at times of illness so I am finding I am also watching some old favourites. Sapphire and Steel, for example, and Golden Girls (which I haven't posted about here because I'm never sure whether it's too low-brow, and before you ask I'm most like the old one). Department S is also getting a watch through, and it's struck me again how very odd Jason King is when plonked down in anything like the real world.
I'm awaiting an appointment to start chemotherapy and am not wasting my time on any quack remedies so am confident that something approaching normal service will be resumed in the near future. In the meantime if someone wants to give me a get well soon present a pirated disc of the not-commercially-available series of Freewheelers would be very welcome indeed. Well, no harm in being cheeky is there?