Coming up...

I wrote a whole post recently about the contents of my Amazon basket. Some of those things have moved from my basket into my possession, so this post will be more about things I actually have in hand.
I have bought the second volume of Big Finish's dramatisations of the Steed and Mrs Peel cartoons from the sixties. You can of course imagine my joy at having another four new Avengers adventures. It was cheapest to buy the CDs from an Amazon marketplace seller and you can imagine my disappointment at finding that my new, sealed set contained two discs the same so that I was missing one adventure. Kudos to Big Finish for sending me a replacement disc without fuss - I really hope it was just mine that was like this, a whole run gone wrong could really be expensive.
The first volume of Spike Milligan's show Q has found a home on my shelves. I love Milligan's humour, although I would say that I suspect the confusing and eccentric numbering of this series (beginning at number 5!) may limit this show's appeal, as well as its single-letter name.

Still on the theme of comedy, as I write this I have the Goodies on. This is the second time I have owned this DVD and really can't think why I didn't like it the first time - I can only think that tastes change.

Finally, I have my first week of annual leave in my new job coming up so I have ordered the recently-released set of The Frighteners TV series which I have never seen.